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Public Relations


ADP LAW believes that its attorneys should provide opportunities for their clients, in addition to  attorney’s original duty which is solving clients’ legal deficiency. Therefore, our PR Department was established to provide the following  services:

  • Consultancy to support clients with governmental procedures.
  • Introducing opportunities and solutions to clients.
  • Recommending experts in many other fields of interest needed by clients.

Evaluate & Improvement

ADP Law Firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in legal services sector in the Middle East based on the quantity and quality of clients and staff. ADP provides premium services that always get positive feedback. We serve clients from both public and private sectors. At ADP, we believe that “time is gold”, so we pride ourselves for the fast and efficient services we provide and always strive to keep up with the growth of our clients’ businesses and affairs. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.