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ADPLAW’s litigation team has the experience, expertise and resources to strongly accommodate a multitude of different cases. We are specialized in five kinds of lawsuits:

  1. Commercial lawsuits
  2. Lawsuits against government entities
  3. Property laws Disputes
  4. Labor  lawsuits

Our Litigation Department rely on precontractual measurements to study prospective client legal position.ADPLAW also provides detailed reports on every step before commencing on performing it and after providing the service. ADPLAW goal is to keep its record of successful lawsuits.


ADP Law Firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in legal services sector in the Middle East based on the quantity and quality of clients and staff. ADP provides premium services that always get positive feedback. We serve clients from both public and private sectors. At ADP, we believe that “time is gold”, so we pride ourselves for the fast and efficient services we provide and always strive to keep up with the growth of our clients’ businesses and affairs. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.