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Our legislation team has wide experience in drafting and revising legislations related to KSA’,  World Trade Organization’s and EU’ laws.

Our team has advised in several governmental and private entities on matters related to  legislations, we also drafted several laws and bylaws. ADPLAW has developed unique  methodologies and forms to facilitate its service to clients who seek to succeed in forming  their comprehensive legislation.ADPLAW can provide the following services:

  • Represent entities before  legislative authorities.
  • Draft laws and bylaws, and laws and bylaws reforms.
  • Evaluate entity’s legal status regarding standing legislations and other comparative foreign legislations.

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ADP Law Firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in legal services sector in the Middle East based on the quantity and quality of clients and staff. ADP provides premium services that always get positive feedback. We serve clients from both public and private sectors. At ADP, we believe that “time is gold”, so we pride ourselves for the fast and efficient services we provide and always strive to keep up with the growth of our clients’ businesses and affairs. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Our Core Values

Innovation, passion, loyalty and commitment

Our Mission

To provide high quality legal services

Our Vision

To be the most enterprising and innovative law firm in Asia.

EXPERTS AT Legislation

Anas Aldehishy
Founding Partner
Dr. Mohammad Alsharif
Legal Counsel
Andrew Christie
International Laws Expert