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Corporate Solutions



ADPLAW’s attorneys have extensive experience in-house consulting, especially with board of  directors (BOD) affairs including drafting internal bylaws and uplifting efficiency of the BOD. ADPLAW offers the following services:

  • In-house consulting for the board of directors and its members.
  • Drafting and reviewing internal regulations and bylaws for the BOD and related governance documents.
  • Consultancy services for executive personnel.
  • Current Situation Studies.


Entities Transformation

Entities are out to adapt to the rapid changes in businesses that are growing exponentially. However, these  changes cannot occur without considering the three aspects of any business; legal status, administration  and operation. Therefore, ADPLAW provides the following services:

  • Business Evaluation: ADPLAW offers to evaluate your business legal status and generate a report showing the current status of your business.
  • Fast Rectification: based on the above report, will help the client make quick legal fixes to their business.
  • Long-Term Improvement: Client will be offered a solutions to tackle long-term legal risks based on its business evaluation report. This service includes producing a road map for the client to enable them to grow their business in a safer approach by planning for future resolutions of prospective legal risks.

Forming and transforming entities

When forming and/or transforming an entity, maintaining its adequate legal status is the  most important aspect that would reflect on the entity’s future vision and plans. During  this stage, different parties form binding agreements that would affect their personal lives  and the entity’s destiny. ADPLAW is experienced in providing the following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing articles of association and resolutions.
  • Forming and transforming companies.
  • Preparing companies for an IPO.
  • Supervising mergers & acquisitions (M&A) transactions.


Zakat and tax consultancy

ADPLAW is equipped with Zakat & Tax experts who can provide the following services to            ’s customers:

  • Auditing a customer’s Zakat and Tax status.
  • Litigation against Zakat and Tax’s claims.
  • Advising customers toward best practices regarding Zakat and Tax issues.


ADP Law Firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in legal services sector in the Middle East based on the quantity and quality of clients and staff. ADP provides premium services that always get positive feedback. We serve clients from both public and private sectors. At ADP, we believe that “time is gold”, so we pride ourselves for the fast and efficient services we provide and always strive to keep up with the growth of our clients’ businesses and affairs. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.