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ADP Law Firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in legal services sector in the Middle East based on the quantity and quality of clients and staff. ADP provides premium services that always get positive feedback. We serve clients from both public and private sectors. At ADP, we believe that “time is gold”, so we pride ourselves for the fast and efficient services we provide and always strive to keep up with the growth of our clients’ businesses and affairs. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

ADP has a large base of local and international experts and consultants who help shape and improve our deliverables. Technology plays an important part in our sought to perfection, it help us to control and monitor daily performance and the level of achievement. Finally, ADP has a distinctive association with two international law firms, one in the west side of the planet and the other in the east side. Both law firms are recognized for their achievements, especially in sophisticated specialties.

About Our Team

We Are a Member of Regional Alliance of Legal Experts

Beside having experienced partners, ADP is recruiting talents all the time, seniors or juniors, we look for integration and efficiency in our staff. To achieve that; we developed recruitment mechanism that involves

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We Are a Member of Regional Alliance of Legal Experts

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Innovation, passion, loyalty and commitment

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To provide high quality legal services

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To be the most enterprising and innovative law firm in Asia.